• AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 25th US FDA audit (November 2018)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 4th MHRA audit (June 2018)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 2nd WHO audit (December 2017)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes AEMPS Spain (December 2018)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes INFARMED Portugal (June 2018)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes NPRA Malaysia (June 2018)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes GCC audit (February 2016)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes MCC South Africa audit (March 2017)
  • BA-BE studies conducted at AXIS Clinicals are accepted by Chile – ISP

Our Core Values

Our values define who we are and the kind of company we aim to be, Click here for poster

  • Value Based Leadership: Our mission outlines the value that provides the foundation to perform as a Global service provider and as individual employees who continue to put the needs of the Customers we serve first.
  • Integrity: We do what is right:
    • Committed to conduct our business with individual and organizational Integrity
    • Compliance with Local and International laws
    • Reliable, honest and trustworthy in our dealings
  • Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable for our actions:
    • Take personal responsibility in everything that we do and we lead by example
    • Treat our Organization's reputation as our own
    • Committed to a culture of shared responsibility that promotes high performance



Fact sheet

  • 2,600+ clinical studies completed since inception
  • 350+ bioanalytical methods developed
  • 50+ successful Regulatory audits
  • Global footprint of operations with sites in India, U.S & Mexico.
  • Two clinical facilities (Hyderabad & Ahmedabad) in India
  • 100+ National and International Pharma/Biotech Sponsor companies working with AXIS
  • US FDA : 500+ approvals, EMEA : 100+ approvals, Canada : 50+ approvals, Australia : 50+ approvals
  • 500+ experienced employees working globally
  • Huge database of patient population in various therapeutic areas viz. Cardiology, Opthalmology, Schizophrenia, Diabetology, Oncology. Orthopedics etc..

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