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Life @ AXIS

AXIS Clinicals believes in offering employees an environment that fosters research and innovation, respects opinion and offers stiff challenges. The company prides itself in providing an inclusive environment that values individual space and opinion but ensures responsibility and accountability keeping “Customer First” as service motto. The work ethic followed at AXIS Clinicals is aimed at nurturing creativity and free thinking. Our attempt is to build an institution which has an edifice steeped in a strong value system of integrity, responsibility and harnesses the potential of everyone to deliver innovative research solution to our clients.

Skill development and upgradation is the constant endeavour in our organisation and we encourage our employees to also pursue courses to help them become good corporate citizens and not just employees of AXIS Clinicals. Appreciation and rewards given to our employees are in commensuration with the performance of an individual.

We offer competitive compensation, performance-related bonuses and extensive social benefits to attract and keep the best people. Our HR policies are also designed to create a very healthy work-life balance for our employees.

If our work ethic and passion for research and innovation with focus on training appeals to you, check out our employment opportunities, and get started on a rewarding career with AXIS Clinicals.

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Fact sheet

  • Over 1,600 clinical studies completed since inception
  • Over 290 bioanalytical methods developed
  • Over 38 successful Regulatory audits
  • Global footprint of operations with sites in India, U.S, Mexico & Thailand.
  • Two clinical facilities in India
  • 60+ National and International Pharma/Biotech Sponsor companies working with AXIS
  • US FDA : 200+ approvals, EMEA : 70+ approvals, Canada : 20+ approvals, Australia : 30+ approvals
  • 350+ staff working globally
  • Huge database of patient population in various therapeutic areas viz. Cardiology, Opthalmology, Schizophrenia, Diabetology, Oncology. Orthopedics etc..

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